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Spinal Energetics


What is Spinal Energetics? 


What does it help against?

Spinal Energetics helps, among other things against stress, anxiety, depression, head and stomach problems, jaw and muscle tension, pain in the body and joints, overthinking, low energy levels, reactive behaviour, a feeling of being stuck in life, repeating the same patterns over and over, a feeling cut off from one's true self. 

All of these are signs of an overactive sympathetic nervous system - and we live in a world where our system can easily become stressed. Spinal Energetics is a safe and gentle way to help the system release unprocessed emotions, trauma and physical tension.


What do you experience during a session?

Everyone's experience is unique, but common to them is:​

Energetic sensations:  heat, cold, buzzing sensations, flows of energies through the body.

Spontaneous movements: tremors, the desire to stretch, yoga poses or flows, undulating movements through the spine and much more.

Emotional Redemptions: stuck, repressed, unprocessed emotions can emerge and it is not abnormal to cry, laugh, etc.

Visual experiences.


How long is the energy to integrate? 

It is quite normal to feel small subtle shifts in the days after the session, the energy works for up to 3 days. 

Perhaps you can feel that emotions become overcharged, your energy level changes - it can be low for a few days, that's perfectly fine, it's your nervous system that integrates - there can be lightness, but also opposites. Give yourself and your system peace and permission to integrate the session. 


Is one session enough?

3-6 treatments are recommended to get a longer-lasting effect out of it. This will give you and your body the opportunity to adapt to the treatment and get the most out of it, both financially and heartily. 


How much time should pass between sessions?

1-2 weeks initially, as it can take up to 72 hours to integrate. During that period, the body can still unwind, let go of old things, as unprocessed emotions and experiences that the body now feels safe to process, can come to the surface. 


Do I move during a session?

We are all unique and will all experience a session differently. Some move a lot and others move a little during their first session. Some require time for the body to move and others will never move. And that's perfectly okay. 

The movements are not unequivocal in that there are no major changes in the interior. 


How do you feel after a session?

After a session, people typically experience a relief of physical symptoms, better sleep, more headspace and fewer thoughts, fewer mood swings, less stress, easier to see through old patterns and break them, less stress and anxiety and overall a deeper connection to themselves and their higher selves.


Spinal Energetics helps calm the nervous system and bring you into a state of balance and calm.  


What can be done to help the integration process?

Take it easy the rest of the day after the session if you have the opportunity.

Calm movement practice.


A bath or jump in the sea.

Drink extra water.


Can you experience fatigue after a treatment?

You may feel tired and drained for a few days afterwards, but this is a sign that the treatment has worked.

Think of it as if you've run a marathon, then you're tired the next day - the same applies when the inside has worked, processed and is now in the process of integrating. 


What is it?

Spinal Energetics is a blend of body therapy and energy work, which meets the West in the form of trauma-informed knowledge about the nervous system. 

It is a form that involves light - to no touch, movement, unwinding, awareness and bodily exercises to create a balanced flow of energy in the body, which is essential for a healthy life. 

Through the energetic body, the body's inner intelligence is contacted, and in collaboration with it, as well as releasing energetic blockages, the body begins to process, release and integrate what it has resources for. 

"I feel closer to my path in life. And my body has completely loosened up - it shakes, moves and heals - by itself now. Thank you Simon, you truly have the most healing hands"

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