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price and plans

in a treatment with me, the most important elements are safety, presence and consent. together we move where the body and energy take us; a journey which can open up stagnant energy and emotions, release of old tensions, redemptions, revelations and everything that goes with it when we start to bring attention down into the body and into our interior. 



-energetisk kropsterapi-

(spinal energetics)

60 min / 1111,-

-kundalini body work-

120 min / 2222,-

-online energetisk kropsterapi-

60 min / 1111,-


120 min / 700,-

hvis pengene ikke er der, men behovet er stort, så skriv, så finder vi en løsning

session plans

are possible and planned individually

I recommend 3-5 sessions if you

wish to feel a longer-lasting effect

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