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Welcome to my universe.

I work holistically with body and mind, where I mix body therapy, energy healing - our life force, somatic and trauma awareness.

I create a trauma-informed and safe space where there is room for people to remove their shields that they have created in order to exist in this world, dissolve their narratives about what they believe about themselves and help them get back into alignment with, who they are.

Your life force flows in every cell of your body, from the interior of the earth, up along the spine and connected to the universe through your crown. 


We are all connected and everything is connected to us. We live in a world that is made of molecules and atoms - and we are made from the same basic elements - and it is the configuration of these atoms that creates the structures around the reality we see. This is scientifically proven. 

We are energy. Every second, energy is transported and distributed inside our body; from the synapses in the brain, to the electrical impulses in our heart and much, much more - our body constantly generates energy - we are basically a walking powerhouse of energy. 

Vitality. We cannot see it, touch it or taste it, because it is a subtle energy that flows through everyone's bodies. This energy helps ensure that life forms in our bodies on a cellular level, but also regulates our conscious and unconscious bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, heartbeat - everything that keeps us alive - and much more.

You are connected to more than you think. You are gifted with gifts that are just waiting to be awakened. You are Gaia, love and the infinite cosmos. 




"The beauty of simon is that he takes you by the hand and accompanies you from start to finish, I have never experienced such security. My body is warmer, heavier and much more pain-free. Thank you very much"

"In Simon's room there is peace and security to breathe all the way down to the belly, and let the body fill with relaxation and renewed energy. Warmest recommendation from here!"


"Huge recommendation from here! Simon is skilled, present and thorough. He has really helped me with my shoulder and neck. So go with you, it's really good for both body and soul."


"In just one treatment, I think you have helped me at least as much - if not more - than any physio and masseuse has done in the last year. Everyone who suffers from scoliosis/crooked back, support the lower back, quilts tensions and such should book an appointment with Simon and his magical hands. Total gratitude from here."


"Simon does something good for both body and soul."


"I am not always in touch with my body and this results in stress and a stressed nervous system. Simon helps me back into my body, down to my feet and in touch with myself again"


"A small bit of advertisement for one of the most pleasant beings I've met in a long time. I've been with him twice now and I can already feel how his work is exactly the break my body and mind needs now."  


"Every time I walk out the door at Simon's, my body and system are so calm that I can handle anything in the world. That's the coolest thing" 

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