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The body alchemy immersion

8th - 12th of may

Join us for Body Alchemy Immersion, a gathering of etheric healing, sharing and discovery of divine pathways to wholeness, holiness and completeness.

Activating DNA.

Opening Clairvoyant and Clairaudient abilities.

Allowing ego to step aside to commune with the higher frequency of wisdom and remembrance.

​Mind, body and spirit quest for higher awareness, knowledge and connection.

Feeling embraced by the Oneness of the Universe.

Embracing unconditional love, peace and expansion within your vessel.

Collectively dreaming into the visions of a new way. 
Welcome to the Body Alchemy Immersion where you will be held in a sacred space of mysticism, community, energy healing and embodied transformation. 

The Body Alchemy Immersion is a coming home to somatic expression and amplification of chi, prana and divine energy within our body. 
During our time together we will deepen in full body remembrance of gifts, skills, talents, and wisdom that reside within the intelligent field of your temple.

The human body is the ultimate temple of alchemical marriage where transformation takes place. By developing our Spirit Body within our physical body as the embodied vehicle of ascension, we are invited to experience transcendence, joy, pleasure, radiance and play. It is said that to have a human body is an extremely rare gift and through the body, mind and spirit, we can begin to realize one’s true self, purpose, passion and path.


Our story & mission

We've known each other for aeons, but in this lifetime, Simon, Ema, Nathaniel and Jet’aime met in Bali - all guided by walking the path of healing, remembering and divinity. There was an instant recognition and innate knowing that our coming together would ignite the flames of creation. By combining our gifts, our souls passion and everything we've come to learn on our earth journeys this far,
we felt that we was brought together to bring the world into a higher frequency, to let go of the past and align with an age of love, abundance and trust.

Our mission is to hold a sacred, empowering space to support you in your energetic, spiritual, emotional and personal discovery of the highest expression of yourself to emerge and greet the world. 

We all have notions, dreams and intentions for the greatest version of ourselves to take agency in our lives and often times we transform and transcend any limitations or obstacles when we do it together, in community, in ceremony. 

The intention of the body alchemy immersion is that through ritual, divine dialogue, connection to the natural mystic world and mystery school teachings, we invite you deeply into an intimate conversation between your body, the elements, and the sacred power that has always resided within and around you. This power that comes from fully feeling and healing any limitations, stories or narratives that keep you from your innate intuition, inspired intelligence and soul purpose.

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We will draw energy and support from the elements

Meet your facilitators 

The sanctuary 

"Our body will mimic the pains & patterns held in the mental - emotional body in a loving attempt to show us the places we are not free."

The program of the immersion 
Arrival from 16-18
Opening Circle 

I AM Activation 
Fire Devotional Ceremony 
Somatic Passion Practice

Soul Forage - Forest Meditation 

Earth Ancestors Activation 
Cacao Connection Ceremony 
Rise from the Ashes  Activation 

Sword of Truth - Spinal Bodywork

Becoming Bliss Meditation 
Essence of Expression - Energy Activation 
Visionary Connection Exercise

Sacred Shake Somatic Practice

Divine Eros Energy Activation  
DreamSpell Creation 
Baptism Ceremony 
Ecstatic Entrance Dance

Divine Energy activation

Gratitude letter
Closing circle

(changes in the program may occur to improve the immersion)


To heal what we have suppressed, pushed away, hidden and denied ourselves because it felt unsafe or too vulnerable at a given time to express and release - the grief, anxiety, unworthiness, fear, rage, fantasies, defeats - together we will create a sacred container to be present with these emotions, listen to them, learn from them, feel and heal their wounds and make space for their next iteration of joy, passion, creativity, sensuality and wholeness to emerge. 
Allow yourself to feel fully emptied of dense energies to be filled again by what truly lights you up in this life. This is the inhale and exhale of surrendering to your highest potential and you are ready!

What is Kundalini Bodywork?
Kundalini bodywork is a modality that combines energy activation, de-armouring, breathwork, self-practice and intention-setting. Its a holistic and integrative therapy which helps the body release trauma and blockages keeping you from reaching your highest truth. 

What is Energy activation?
It’s a path of surrender, remembrance and transformation.

It is harnessing our life force (chi, prana, kundalini), giving us the potential for healing and to transform our frequency and consciousness. It moves you into higher octaves of consciousness and transcendence. Together we'll be looking at your energetic body, your breath, your life stories and your shadows to liberate and enlighten yourself.
We create a container with a theme/intention combined with your own intention. Energy flows where intention goes. Together we embarking on a journey to peel off the layers you have created that is blocking you from being your authentic self and highest self.
This pure life force energy has incredible intelligence and will give you exactly what you need in this given moment.


  • Understanding and releasing limiting beliefs - revealing what is in the way. 

  • Re-owning yourself - become more authentic and live from your personal truth

  • Emotional and mental breakthroughs

  • Feeling energized with increased vitality

  • Completion of trauma cycles

  • Peeling away the layers of conditioned mental, emotional, social and cultural limitations

  • Shifting into a more conscious living by becoming aware of the contents of your subconscious mind that you’ve suppressed or denied awareness. 

  • Deep rewiring and heart brain coherence, which allows you to be living your life more often from the state of connectedness

  • Emotional release

  • Stepping out and changing negative patterns and cycles - the reason why we’re repeating. 

  • Relief of stress and tension held in your body


Increased awareness leads to the path of self love. The root of everything which grows around us is self love. A pure appreciation of self. Loving every part of you.

Design uden navn.jpg
Design uden navn.jpg

"The 6666 angel number is a combination of the number 6, which represents harmony, balance, and nurturing, repeated four times. This repetition amplifies the influence and significance of the number, making it even more powerful. When you encounter the 6666 angel number, it carries a profound message about nurturing your relationships, maintaining a harmonious existence, and finding balance in all aspects of your life."

Welcome to Below Pines

Our sanctuary for the immersion is located in Sweden near the city Älmhult. 

By train and car its only 2 hours from Copenhagen and very accesable. 

It's owned by Natascha and Oliver, who lives there part-time with their daugther -and its very visible how they poured their love into this beautiful forest gem. 

Our shala is a beautiful 95 m2 tipi located in the forest, where we'll spend most of our time, it'll be the birthplace for transformation and divination, where you'll meet yourself and others in a state of being fully connected. 

Sleeping options

3 x wooden cabins

- If you wish to sleep alone or share this space with a dear one, this is the perfect option.The cabins come with an extra fee of 1000,- DKK. 

Tents with room for 2 (separate beds, 12 m2) 

A loft with room for 4 people.

The tents are equiped with everything you need to have a dreamy night and even has a fireoven. 


Food will be provided, cared for and made by Sophia Anagels. It'll be nurturing vegan food made from local swedish ingredients.

There'll be served breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks and cacao.

You can check out her food on instagram  




The price for the immersion is 6666,-DKK

If you wish to book a cabin and sleep alone there's an extra fee of 1000,-


Join the transformative immersion

We'll get back to you with all the information needed for next step

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