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kundalini bodywork

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Kundalini bodywork is a modality which brings your essence to life, brings you home, through the activation of your life energy - and your body's own wisdom. 


It is a holistic form of treatment that combines body therapy (de-armouring), breath work, energy work, chakras, shadow work and other exercises to help the body transform stagnant energy - in the form of trauma, unprocessed emotions and experiences - so that you can live more freely and not be weighed down by the past. 


The energy will flow through your body, which will be expressed through movement, tremors, sounds or mudras. 


By increasing the energy in our body, our energetic field will expand, and it is suddenly possible for trauma, unprocessed emotions and experiences to move out here, be felt and transformed into new energy. 


In a session, we will start by working with your intention - "energy flows where the intention goes" - so the stronger an intention we work with, the more transformative the session will be. There are no limits to what we can work with. Everything is energy, and all energy can be transformed.

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