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Online sessions

Energy is universal and flows freely, which means that online sessions work in exactly the same way as physical ones - because energy is not hindered by time and place.

"Universal Energy is the life force that exists everywhere. It is present in the universe between galaxies, molecules, and space. It is essential to maintain order in life and expand our consciousness. The basic character of Universal Energy is to fulfill our desire and make us always happy"

I will send a link to zoom/google meeting 10 before we start. Here I also send a link to a Spotify playlist that you can listen to - you are also welcome to use your own music.
We start by talking for the first 10 minutes, to check in and feel what is needed - and to establish a contact that feels safe and welcoming - then you lie down, on your back, or stomach if you have a set up that offers you to lie like that - a bit like if you were lying on a couch (you can be creative at home). It just requires that I can see you in full form from the side.
Then you start the music, I guide you down into the body, and then the session begins. You will hear me say some sounds, it's just to connect with the energy.
Movements may occur - intuitive movements, a bit like when you stretch in the morning, so if you suddenly feel the need to move, go with it, allow your body to move as it needs to.
It may also be that no movements occur, that is also okay, it is still working inside you - and sometimes it takes a few sessions before the body starts to move and unwind. It is completely alright. There is no right or wrong.
When the session ends, I guide you back quietly. Let you land.
And then we'll talk and check in, unless you want to stay and feel yourself.
The energy will continue to work in your system for the next 3 days, so if a release occurs, in the form of a feeling, allow it to come through. See if you can meet it with acknowledgment 'I can feel myself getting a little sad now, it's okay, it's better to be here' - can be a good phrase to say to yourself, instead of starting to ask questions to it and mentalize it. Let it stay in the body, let it move so it can be processed. And if more movements arise, let them come through, it's the body, so feel that there is more to release.

Check my calendar to see available times and book. 

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